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Last December on SuperNoVAwife

Here are some highlights from previous Decembers on the blog!




  • December 2013 was a pretty light month of posts. Why? It might have had something to do with my eight day battle to pass a kidney stone. Yee-ouch!
  • I talked about how I was going to sign up for a Hyatt Diamond Status challenge to get better amenities during our stay at the Park Hyatt Moscow a few months from then. (Spoiler alert, it didn’t work.  But, here’s our review of the Park Hyatt Moscow anyway).

Last November on SuperNoVAwife!

One Year Ago:

  • I wrote a review of the W St. Petersburg (Russia) hotel from our time there several months earlier, and gave an overview of our last few days in Moscow (including Ken forgetting his coat in the car.  In Russia.  In winter.  Oh, and our driver getting pulled over by the Russian Police).

Two Years Ago: 

  • I started writing the trip report for our long weekend in New York City, including giving an overview of the trip planning, a review of Amtrak Northeast Regional Coach class, and a review of the Andaz hotel in Manhattan.
  • I applied (and was approved!) for TSA pre-check, which remains a godsend.

Last September on SuperNoVAwife

One Year Ago

  • I continued with parts of my Russia 2014 Trip Report, including Moscow Part 1 (including Ken’s famous head smack on the low ceilings of the pedestrian underground) and Moscow Part 2
  • I started a beginner’s guide to free travel by using points and miles
  • I covered Part 1 of what is one of the most popular posts here on SuperNoVAwife, our DIY DVD Shelves
  • In the Blast from the Past section, I posted about two stops of our 2008 Road Trip – Memphis and San Antonio.

Two Years Ago

  • I started this blog! My very first post was about my new obsession: Compulsive Vacation Planning.
  • Ken wanted to go camping. Like in the woods. I discussed some of my preconceived notions of the camping, and how I came to agree to the idea of trying tent camping.  (We did go camping the next month, and I thought it was lots of fun!)
  • I lamented the months-long problem I was having trying to secure accommodations in Sochi during the (then) upcoming Winter Olympics.  (We later did secure accommodations, and man did we have a doozy of a story to tell about our actual Sochi accommodations shortly after our arrival there.)
  • September and fall weather always make us think about the upcoming holidays, and we decided last September that we would host Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time ever. I was so excited that I started planning for it like two months in advance!

Last April on SuperNoVAWife

Let’s take a look at what I blogged about in April 2014!