Friday Randomness 2-27-15

  • I am so sick of this cold weather. I know I probably say it every year, but doesn’t it seem like it’s been an especially cold winter? Bring on spring!
  • I’m also looking forward to the start of Daylight Savings Time! Something about getting home when it’s still daylight makes me feel so much more productive. Just a little over a week away!
  • I have a polarizing confession to make. I don’t like Girl Scout cookies. The last time I bought some was about four years ago. I was eating a Thin Mint and I just stopped and looked at it. I thought to myself, “This tastes terrible. Why am I eating this?” Haven’t purchased a box of Girl Scout cookies since. I feel kinda bad when I see them selling boxes outside the supermarkets this time of year. Add that to my list of things I don’t like that everybody else seems to love. Coffee and Nutella are also on that list!
  • I went for my annual physical this week. Apparently I should eat better and exercise more. I also had my six month dental checkup. And apparently I should floss more too!
  • I started a new project at work this week. My projects last about 6 months to a year, so it’s always such a great feeling to start fresh on something new.
  • Mardi Gras has always been penciled in (lightly) on my bucket list. I’ve never been sure whether I should go. Next year, Mardi Gras falls on my 35th birthday. I’m very tempted to go. But, I’m not into the partying scene, and obnoxious people drive me crazy. But there are many threads I’ve read online that say there are some more family oriented aspects to Mardi Gras, which sounds more like my speed. Has anyone gone to Mardi Gras as an, ahem, “older” person? Was it enjoyable?
  • I’m also starting to look ahead to our Fall 2015 vacation. I’m thinking Charleston, Savannah, and Tybee Island.  Any tips?

That’s it! Have a good weekend!


Friday Randomness 2-20-15

  • It has been a crazy few weeks. Two weeks ago, I had literally just hit the “schedule” button for the next day’s Friday Randomness post when my phone rang. It was my sister. My 72-year-old dad had fallen down and thought he broke his leg. As it turns out, it wasn’t his leg, it was his hip.  Ugh! He had surgery the next day and I flew to Pittsburgh to spend a few days there. He’s doing well and is in a rehab facility now.  So, apologies for the lack of posts these past two weeks!
  • The evening that my dad had surgery for his broken hip, my sister and I were driving back to her house. We were exhausted and emotionally spent worrying about dad during the surgery. We were thankful that the surgery went well, and we were just anxious to get home for the evening. Then my phone rings. It’s Ken. Somebody had just rear ended him. He was fine thank goodness, but his car had suffered a pretty big cracked bumper. Luckily the whole situation has been very easy. Ken and the driver of the other car exchanged insurance information, and by the time Ken got home and called the woman’s insurance, she had already called them and admitted fault. A few days later, after I got back from Pittsburgh Ken dropped off his car for repairs. We picked up his car on Wednesday and the bumper looks as good as new. Accidents can be really terrible experiences, but all things considered this was downright pleasant.
  • If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that Ken and I went to Vegas for a long weekend over President’s Day. It was a belated birthday trip for me that we had booked well before my dad’s fall. Every year, around some special occasion (like a birthday or anniversary), we get this idea to go on a long weekend trip. Like maybe renting a cabin in Shenandoah, or staying at a cute bed-and-breakfast in Annapolis. And then we price out those things and are like,

“Wait, they want HOW MUCH for that cabin in winter!?”

“$200+ per night? Umm, I think I got an email a few days ago for a birthday special at any MGM property in Las Vegas.”

“Oh wait, I forgot, we can actually stay there for free if I redeem Hyatt points since MGM and Hyatt are now partners.”

“And oh, you want to fly first class, yeah, it looks like there are frequent flyer seats available.”

Booked, and done.

mgm birthday deal

  • Hopefully it goes without saying that there will be a full trip report for our Vegas vacation, including a review of the Vdara Hotel where we stayed, and all the yummy restaurants we tried!
  • Our next “trip” will be a camping trip to Assateague State Park. If anybody has tips, I’d love to hear them!
  • A college friend invited me to a Fitbit Weekend Warrior Challenge this past weekend. With all the walking we were doing in Vegas, I thought for sure I’d win the challenge. Well, nope. Even though it felt like we were walking pretty much constantly in Vegas, I still lost by about 7000 steps (including one day of 17,000+ steps!). She’s a mother of two young children, so I guess chasing them around makes the steps add up!  And how do you like that distance count for the day?  7.77 miles?  Triple sevens while on a trip to Vegas! Good luck, right? Wrong. Didn’t win anything.


  • This post about the struggles of people with long hair is already a few months old, but I just saw it this past week. I’m so glad to see that getting food in hair is a real problem for other folks. Here I was always thinking I was just a slob!

That’s it! Have a great weekend!

Friday Randomness 2-6-15

  • You know you grew up in the 1990’s when at least a dozen friends posted this Saved by the Bell reunion to Facebook by 9AM on Thursday morning.  I laughed so hard at the skit! We should really bring back white sneakers.
  • Who else had no idea that Harper Lee was still alive? I’m not trying to be crass, but when I heard she was publishing a new novel, my first thought was, “Wait, she’s still alive?”
  • What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials this year?  I really couldn’t believe the number of tear jerker commercials! I was a big fan of the Esurance commercials, especially the Walter White one!
  • It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Snowmageddon hit the Washington, D.C. area. We were trapped at home for a week! Here were some of my favorite photos from that snowstorm!  I kinda like big snowstorms.  Not all the time, but maybe one per winter! I think it’s cozy!

2010_02_06 14_36_54 Snowmageddon 2010

2010_02_06 14_50_27 Snowmageddon 2010

2010_02_06 14_59_11 Snowmageddon 2010

2010_02_06 15_12_24 Snowmageddon 2010

2010_02_06 15_13_20 Snowmageddon 2010

2010_02_07 09_47_40 Snowmageddon 2010


  • TV show-watching has been pretty light around our house recently. In fact, since we finished up the first season of Game of Thrones last month, we really haven’t watched any shows together for a while. Ken watches a few that I’m not a fan of, like the Flash and Agent Carter. But just last week we started watching Banshee on the recommendation of Ken’s coworkers.  We’re two episodes in and it seems pretty good so far.  But, so many good shows are coming back (or starting!). Can’t wait for Walking Dead to start back up this Sunday, and we’ll also try out watching the new Better Call Saul show, which is a spinoff of Breaking Bad.  Plus, House of Cards returns to Netflix this month! And Scandal returned last week. Although I think I’ll always associate Scandal with being sick, since I started binge watching it during the worst illness of my adult life back in October.

Have a good weekend!

Friday Randomness 1-23-15

  • It was a pretty quiet week here! My freezer cooking extravaganza that I talked about last week went really well. There are definitely things I can do to be more organized the next time, but overall I was really happy with how many meals I was able to get cooked!  Final yield was 3 lasagna meals (each enough for two people. Goes for the rest of the yield too), 4 stuffed shells (my own recipe, but probably very similar to others you can find online – cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, ground beef, sausage, and spices all mixed together), 4 Crispy Chicken Taquitos, 65 meatballs, 4 Beef Enchiladas (made using this recipe, but substituting ground beef for chicken), 3 packages of meatless marinara sauce, and 4 packages of meat marinara.  Oh, and one Cheesy Ham and Hashbrown Casserole. But we actually made and froze that one the previous weekend after I made too much for breakfast!


  • Yesterday was the first day ever (well, since getting my Fitbit last August) that I walked 15,000 steps! It was probably thanks to walking to and from several work-related meetings.  Apparently 15,000 steps earns you the “Urban Boot” badge.

urban boot

  • Last weekend I decided to go to a new place for an eyebrow wax. I usually just get it done at the nail salon when I go for a manicure or pedicure, but it’s been a while since I’ve gotten my nails done! Anyway, this waxing place has good reviews on Yelp and everything, and it’s right by our house. I was laying on the table, and some wax dripped off her wooden stick and right onto my left eyelid and eyelashes.  I was FREAKING out. My eye was waxed closed.  I told her to hurry up and get some oil to remove the wax. (For those unfamiliar with waxing, most waxers use baby oil or some other oil to remove waxy residue). She said that oil wouldn’t work because it was “dry wax,” not “hot wax.”  (I still can’t find information online about the difference!) She said the only thing to do was to wait until it dried, and then the wax would come off more easily.  Well, my eye kept watering because it was irritated, and the wax wouldn’t dry. I was envisioning some sort of trip to urgent care or having to cut off my eyelashes. I hope I don’t sound too dramatic here, but it was terrible. I’m so paranoid about anything having to do with my eyes. It’s one of the reasons I won’t consider Lasik to correct my terrible vision.  Getting the wax off my eyelid was about a three day process.  My eye would stop watering for a while, then I could pull off some of the wax, but then that would hurt so my eye would water again, making it impossible to remove the wax, so I’d have to wait until my eye was dry again. Never going back to that place!
  • Does your family ask you what you want for Christmas, or do they just surprise you?  My family falls firmly into the “give me a wishlist so I know what to buy you” category. Well, on my wishlist this year was a commercial-grade french fry cutter! We tried it out this week, and it was perfect! Before, when we would make homemade fries, I would either cut them too small, making the fries too crispy, or I’d cut them too large, making them mushy. And I was never able to cut a single batch all the same size. And the cheap-o cutters I had never worked all that well.  We finally gave ours a try this week, and it was fantastic! Perfectly shaped fries that cooked evenly!



That’s it! Hey, I said it was a quiet week!

Friday Randomness 1-16-15

Freezer Meal Breakfast Burritos
  • In what is probably the most boring sentence you’ll read all week (maybe all year), Ken and I had fun this week trying out a new food vacuum sealer. I usually cook a boatload of meatballs every few months and freeze them, and just reheat them when we want meatballs. Well, after a while, they start to get freezer burn pretty badly. After this week’s batch of 65 meatballs, I flash froze them for about an hour in the freezer on a cookie sheet, and then used the vacuum sealer to seal them in bags of about 16 meatballs each. I’ll be trying it with multiple foods, so I’ll be sure to report if it keeps items fresher!
  • We saw The Imitation Game last week. The new movie theater by where we live has reclining seats. I was in heaven! I’m such a fidgeter towards the end of movies because I get uncomfortable sitting in the same position for so long. But the reclining seats solved that problem!

reclining seats at the movie theater


  • This week, I really started getting impatient for spring weather. And it’s only mid-January. Oy, it’s going to be a long winter!
  • I mentioned last week that Ken and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas next month. We both decided that we think we’re going to skip going to any of the classic Vegas buffets. I remember going to Vegas as a kid and eating $5.99 all you can eat buffets. I mean, buffets in Vegas were like, a selling point. Well, now buffets are terribly overpriced, and I don’t think the food is ever that great.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure we spent $35 each for a dinner buffet at the Paris the last time we went. So, we’re going to hit up some regular ‘ole restaurants this time.  Any recommendations?
  • Okay, be honest. After getting past the tragedy aspect, this news story reminded me so much of The Fugitive. “Your suspect’s name is DOCTOR Richard Kimble.” 
  • This weekend, I’m going to cook a bunch of freezer meals! I think I have everything that I need. I hope. I’ll be sure to report back on how it went. A few months ago I made a big batch of breakfast burritos and homemade sausage egg muffin sandwiches and froze them. It worked out fantastic! The only problem was that we ate them all within like a month!

Freezer Meal Breakfast Burritos

Happy Friday!