Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Review (Blast from the Past Post)

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This is a Blast from the Past post. These posts chronicle our travels and other life events before we started blogging!  These posts are usually heavy on the photos, but lighter on the narrative text.  

Back in 2007, Ken and I went on our first “big” vacation together. We had been to the Outer Banks a few months earlier, but that was just for a long weekend. It was actually while we were in the Outer Banks that my sister called me, and she told me about this great deal she had found on a Caribbean cruise. She gave me the details. It was a Southern Caribbean itinerary that would go from San Juan, Puerto Rico > Barbados > St. Lucia > Antigua > St. Maarten > St. Thomas > and back to San Juan.  I was like, “sure, sign me up!” My family used to go on a cruise pretty much every year I was in high school and college, but it had been at least 3 or 4 years since I had been on a cruise, so I was pretty excited.

I told Ken about it after my sister and I hung up. Ken was hinting around that he would love to go on a cruise. I initially hadn’t actually “invited” him, because we had only been dating three months at the time, and the cruise was four months from then, and I didn’t want him to get all like scared away at some girl trying to PLAN FOUR MONTHS INTO THE FUTURE WITH ME type of thing. Well, as it turns out, Ken was happy to plan a vacation with me, even if it was four months from then! He still makes fun of me for that to this day, claiming that he had to invite himself!


Complete Review of Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas cruise ship!


Four months later, we were still dating (and here we are, more than 7 years later, now married!), and the cruise was a blast.

We actually booked a “family suite” on the cruise ship. It consisted of two bedrooms, a living room, two full bathrooms (one with a standing shower only, another with a tub/shower combination), a walk-in closet, and a HUGE balcony on the rear of the ship. (Yes, aft, okay).

Luckily Ken took a ton of photos inside the ship, so we have some blog material for a ship review 7 years later! However, my memory is a bit hazy on what some of the rooms may have been called, so I’ll probably be presenting the photos pretty generically.

Around the Adventure of the Seas

At the time that we sailed, the Adventure of the Seas was one of the largest cruise ships operating. Well, that record has been smashed since then, but it was still an enormous ship. By far the biggest one I had ever been on.

Here I am trying to decipher the floor directory:

Directory for the Adventure of the Seas

The layout was really amazing, and there was some impressive decor that spanned the height of several decks. Even the elevators had a great view!

Atrium area of the Adventure of the Seas Adventure of the Seas atrium Adventure of the Seas decor

The Adventure of the Seas featured a large “Promenade,” with several restaurants and shops.

Promenade on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas Adventure of the Seas Promenade Promenade on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship | Adventure of the Seas Promenade

There are several cabins that have views of the Promenade. While those are “inside cabins,” meaning they have no view of the outdoors, I would imagine that they are slightly less claustrophobic than a traditional inside cabin with no windows whatsoever. I did wonder if the noises levels might be loud for folks staying in those rooms, tince the Promenade was always so crowded.

The windows in this photograph are of the Promenade-view cabins:

Windows of Promenade Cabins on Adventure of the Seas

There were several shops and restaurants along the Promenade, including a General Store to purchase small items you have have forgotten to pack!

General Store on Cruise Ship Promenade

Things to do on the Adventure of the Seas

Like I mentioned earlier, the Adventure of the Seas was by far the biggest cruise ship I had ever been on. So I was truly blown away by the amenities.

Rock climbing wall:

Rock Climbing Wall on Royal Caribbean | Adventure of the Seas

Huge Basketball/Soccer/Volleyball/General sports court:

Basketball court on Adventure of the Seas | Royal Caribbean

A fantastic arcade:

Arcade on cruise ship | Royal Caribbean Arcade onboard Air hockey tables on cruise ship

A mini golf course. I should point out that my nephew, who was 15 months at the time, LOVED the mini golf course. He mostly just picked up the golf balls and placed them in the holes, but it kept him entertained for a long time!

Miniature Golf Course on Royal Caribbean Mini Golf on the Adventure of the Seas

And, if you’re a motivated person (unlike me), you can even keep up with your running routine on an outdoor track or go to the gym:

Running and walking track on cruise ship Gym on the Adventure of the Seas

And I’m guessing that these “boards” on the floor are for some game or entertainment too?


There was an area overlooking the helm of the ship (not sure if that is the right term!)

Ship helm on Adventure of the Seas

Overall, it was a fantastic looking ship!

Adventure of the Seas sign View of the ship’s side Adventure of the Seas

Pools and Hot Tubs on Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas

Most of the cruise ships I had been on previously always had disappointingly small pools. But the pools on the Adventure of the Seas were a fantastic size!

Pools at night on the Adventure of the Seas Pools during the day on the cruise ship Two small hot tubs near the pools

Lounges, Entertainment, and Shows on the Adventure of the Seas

It’s been more than 7 years since this trip, and I didn’t label my photos as well as I do these days. So, I’m not sure of the names or purposes of each of these lounges. But here are the photos to give you an idea of the different options!

Lounges on Adventure of the Seas Lounges on Adventure of the Seas Lounges on Adventure of the Seas Lounges on Adventure of the Seas Main auditorium and theater on the Adventure of the Seas XX

There was a small library, with books and computers. Internet usage was available for a fee.

Library onboard the Adventure of the Seas Library onboard the Adventure of the Seas

There was even an ice skating rink, where we caught a show one evening!

Ice skating show on Royal Caribbean Ice skating show on Adventure of the Seas

And a small wedding chapel:

Wedding chapel on the Adventure of the Seas

And, a casino that was open pretty much any time the ship was at sea:

Casino on Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas

There were a million other entertainment options, many of which we didn’t take advantage of mostly because we were too tired after long days in port! But, we did catch a comedy show (not pictured), and we also watched an ice carving demonstration:

Ice Carving Demonstration on cruise ship

Food and Dining on Royal Caribbean

We didn’t take too many photos of dining onboard, like of normal dinners or the regular daily buffets. But we did capture of few photos of the dining room, as well as some of the fantastic evening buffets.

Here is the main dining area. I believe we sat in the “Mozart” area.

Main dining hall on Adventure of the Seas Main dining hall on Adventure of the Seas

The buffet, called the Windjammer Cafe, was a great place to grab a quick bite for meals, in case you didn’t feel like doing the full “sit down” meal option.

Windjammer Cafe on Adventure of the Seas

There was also a Johnny Rockets (although that was an additional charge. But it didn’t seem any more expensive than what you would normally pay at a Johnny Rockets).

Johnny Rockets on the Adventure of the Seas

There was also at least one additional restaurant, called Portofino, which we did not eat at. It was also an additional cost, and fairly pricey.

And, if you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that their “midnight” or “gala” buffets are huge deals, and can look like works of art. They even have a special photography hour, when you can photograph the buffet before people start diving in to eat!

Midnight gala buffet on cruise Midnight buffet on Adventure of the Seas Gala buffet on Royal Caribbean Buffet Buffet

Cabin on Adventure of the Seas

I mentioned earlier that we stayed in a family suite. Unfortunately we didn’t take many photos of it, but I will say that it was a fantastic option for families!  Booking a family suite also gave us access to a “concierge lounge” where we could go for expedited service, like booking shore excursions, or for light drinks and snacks before meals.

Here is a view of our enormous balcony:

Balcony from family suite on Adventure of the Seas Family suite balcony on Royal Caribbean

I’d definitely recommend the Adventure of the Seas. The food was not AS good as other cruise lines that I’ve been on, but it was still fantastic. I can’t think of a single complaint!

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