Friday Randomness 2-27-15

  • I am so sick of this cold weather. I know I probably say it every year, but doesn’t it seem like it’s been an especially cold winter? Bring on spring!
  • I’m also looking forward to the start of Daylight Savings Time! Something about getting home when it’s still daylight makes me feel so much more productive. Just a little over a week away!
  • I have a polarizing confession to make. I don’t like Girl Scout cookies. The last time I bought some was about four years ago. I was eating a Thin Mint and I just stopped and looked at it. I thought to myself, “This tastes terrible. Why am I eating this?” Haven’t purchased a box of Girl Scout cookies since. I feel kinda bad when I see them selling boxes outside the supermarkets this time of year. Add that to my list of things I don’t like that everybody else seems to love. Coffee and Nutella are also on that list!
  • I went for my annual physical this week. Apparently I should eat better and exercise more. I also had my six month dental checkup. And apparently I should floss more too!
  • I started a new project at work this week. My projects last about 6 months to a year, so it’s always such a great feeling to start fresh on something new.
  • Mardi Gras has always been penciled in (lightly) on my bucket list. I’ve never been sure whether I should go. Next year, Mardi Gras falls on my 35th birthday. I’m very tempted to go. But, I’m not into the partying scene, and obnoxious people drive me crazy. But there are many threads I’ve read online that say there are some more family oriented aspects to Mardi Gras, which sounds more like my speed. Has anyone gone to Mardi Gras as an, ahem, “older” person? Was it enjoyable?
  • I’m also starting to look ahead to our Fall 2015 vacation. I’m thinking Charleston, Savannah, and Tybee Island.  Any tips?

That’s it! Have a good weekend!


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