Friday Randomness 1-23-15

  • It was a pretty quiet week here! My freezer cooking extravaganza that I talked about last week went really well. There are definitely things I can do to be more organized the next time, but overall I was really happy with how many meals I was able to get cooked!  Final yield was 3 lasagna meals (each enough for two people. Goes for the rest of the yield too), 4 stuffed shells (my own recipe, but probably very similar to others you can find online – cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, ground beef, sausage, and spices all mixed together), 4 Crispy Chicken Taquitos, 65 meatballs, 4 Beef Enchiladas (made using this recipe, but substituting ground beef for chicken), 3 packages of meatless marinara sauce, and 4 packages of meat marinara.  Oh, and one Cheesy Ham and Hashbrown Casserole. But we actually made and froze that one the previous weekend after I made too much for breakfast!


  • Yesterday was the first day ever (well, since getting my Fitbit last August) that I walked 15,000 steps! It was probably thanks to walking to and from several work-related meetings.  Apparently 15,000 steps earns you the “Urban Boot” badge.

urban boot

  • Last weekend I decided to go to a new place for an eyebrow wax. I usually just get it done at the nail salon when I go for a manicure or pedicure, but it’s been a while since I’ve gotten my nails done! Anyway, this waxing place has good reviews on Yelp and everything, and it’s right by our house. I was laying on the table, and some wax dripped off her wooden stick and right onto my left eyelid and eyelashes.  I was FREAKING out. My eye was waxed closed.  I told her to hurry up and get some oil to remove the wax. (For those unfamiliar with waxing, most waxers use baby oil or some other oil to remove waxy residue). She said that oil wouldn’t work because it was “dry wax,” not “hot wax.”  (I still can’t find information online about the difference!) She said the only thing to do was to wait until it dried, and then the wax would come off more easily.  Well, my eye kept watering because it was irritated, and the wax wouldn’t dry. I was envisioning some sort of trip to urgent care or having to cut off my eyelashes. I hope I don’t sound too dramatic here, but it was terrible. I’m so paranoid about anything having to do with my eyes. It’s one of the reasons I won’t consider Lasik to correct my terrible vision.  Getting the wax off my eyelid was about a three day process.  My eye would stop watering for a while, then I could pull off some of the wax, but then that would hurt so my eye would water again, making it impossible to remove the wax, so I’d have to wait until my eye was dry again. Never going back to that place!
  • Does your family ask you what you want for Christmas, or do they just surprise you?  My family falls firmly into the “give me a wishlist so I know what to buy you” category. Well, on my wishlist this year was a commercial-grade french fry cutter! We tried it out this week, and it was perfect! Before, when we would make homemade fries, I would either cut them too small, making the fries too crispy, or I’d cut them too large, making them mushy. And I was never able to cut a single batch all the same size. And the cheap-o cutters I had never worked all that well.  We finally gave ours a try this week, and it was fantastic! Perfectly shaped fries that cooked evenly!



That’s it! Hey, I said it was a quiet week!

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