Friday Randomness 12-5-14

  • Did everybody have a good Thanksgiving last week?  We did!  We got to see a lot of my family in the Pittsburgh area, and met my sister’s family’s new kitten, Alvin.  Alvin is the loudest purring cat I have ever heard.  I swear, it was like there was a helicopter hovering overhead, or a snowblower going.  So loud!
  • We also celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday while we were in Pittsburgh.  90 and pretty much as healthy as you can be for that age!
  • This week was the second anniversary of my mom’s death. It’s a tough week for sure, but time really does help all wounds.
  • I’ve gotten started on some Christmas shopping, but not too much.  For the stuff I’ve ordered, I’ve opted for the Amazon “no rush” shipping, so I’ve been raking in the $1 credits toward digital downloads.  Yay Kindle books!
  • Speaking of Christmas shopping, do you get completely overwhelmed by the number of emails you receive between like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and then subsequent Cyber Monday “extension” sales)?  Seriously, it was like 100 emails every time I opened my inbox.
  • Did you watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead?  Holy crap, I did not see that ending coming!  Ken had to rewind it just to watch that scene again, because it was so fast an unexpected!
  • I loved this video making the rounds on the internet this week.  A U.S. Air Force band flash mob at the Udvar Hazy Museum.  (Which, incidentally, is one of my favorite museums in the DC area!)

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