Friday Randomness 10-24-14

  • Apologies for the lack of posts this week. But now that I’m (finally!) feeling better, I have a whole new batch of posts ready for next week! Whew! Feels so good to be back in the swing of things!
  • I don’t know how this happens (ahem, yes I do … it’s laziness), but I always seem to forget to buy holiday travel tickets early! By the time I remember, prices are already through the roof, and points redemption options are minimal. But luckily I did make good use of some Southwest points for some upcoming holiday travel, so we’re out-of-pocket very little. Please, somebody remind me to book my tickets 330 days in advance this year!
  • I spend very little time in the car, and therefore very little time listening to the radio, but while I was running some errands the other day, I got to hear a cute quiz on a local radio station. “Five percent of people over the age of 40 dressed up like this person at least once in their childhood.”  Callers phoned in the guesses like Freddy Kruger, Madonna, and Superman. (I definitely remember my sister, now 43, going as Madonna at least once.  Finger cutout gloves and all).  But the correct answer?  Mr. T!
  • Speaking of halloween, social media seems to be abounding with halloween costume ideas. I’ve never been a big fan of halloween. When I was a kid, I remember how itchy my costumes were and I would be miserable at the school costume party or while trick-or-treating. (Seriously, my head is itching just thinking about the hat for the witch costume I wore several years in a row!) That’s me in the foreground of the picture below, wearing the witch costume as a child!


  • Can you believe that Halloween Decorations are right next to the Christmas decorations at our local Target?  I always keep an eye out for fun Christmas cards. I am pretty embarrassed to admit that I have never sent out Christmas / holiday cards by mail. Every year I plan to, and then every year I wait until it’s too late and/or get too overwhelmed by all the options. I really like the photo cards you can buy online too, but seriously, I’m guessing people only like to see Christmas photo cards of cute kids, not photo cards with just a married couple. I think wedding-related cards are the only time in life for that! So I always limit my selection to text- and graphics-based cards, but they always seem much more boring!  But I swear, this year I will send out Christmas cards!
  • What books did you used to read when you were younger?  I was a huge fan of the Baby Sitter’s Club (I’m guessing everybody my age was!), Sweet Valley Twins, and the Boxcar Children. I saw a Walking Dead-related meme that was Boxcar Children related. Ken had never heard of the series, so I tried summarizing it for him.  He had millions of questions (playful of course), like, “Wait, they were just ALLOWED to live in a boxcar?” and “How did they get their food!?”  I tried recalling some of the details, and sometimes it’s amazing how much you can remember about topics you haven’t thought about in 20+ years!

Have a good weekend!

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