Friday Randomness 9-19-14

  • Are you buying a new iPhone today?  I got an iPhone 5 when it was released in 2012, and typically I try to keep a phone for three years before buying a new one.  But, here we are only two years after my last purchase, and I think I’m going to have to get an iPhone 6.  Why?  My storage is always getting full on my 16gb phone.  Between photos, podcasts, apps, and who knows what else, I am constantly having to delete things to make space.  So I think it’s time to upgrade to a phone with more storage.  Womp womp.  Oh, and take a moment to watch this hilarious video of a first-in-line iPhone purchase fail!
  • Ken and I are planning our next camping trip!  We’re excited and hope it won’t be a 90 degree October weekend like our camping trip last fall!
  • Some very kind neighbors were offering us some vegetables from their garden.  I’m not terribly adventurous with vegetables, and the neighbors don’t speak much English, so I couldn’t quite understand what they were telling me this vegetable was. I posted a picture and asked about it on Facebook, and the consensus was that it is an Opo Squash.  Do you concur?

Opo Squash

  • Have you tried Amazon’s same day delivery for anything yet?  I ordered a FitBit using same day delivery for just $5.99 and I was so impressed!  (I didn’t actually NEED a FitBit the same day, I was more just curious how the shipping worked!)  I ordered it just after noon, and it was delivered at 6:44PM.
  • On a related note, I have been obsessed with tracking my FitBit stats.  I usually telework two days a week, and on those days, my step count is abysmal (like sub 2000!)  So, I’ve been trying to be more active on days that I work from home.  On days that I go into the office, I usually reach at least 8000 steps pretty easily.
  • Ken celebrated his 37th birthday this week!  It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Ken’s 30th birthday on a Caribbean cruise!  (That was Ken’s first ever cruise!  I’ve been on a bunch!)  Check out that sunburn!

Ken's 30th birthday

  • Ken and I received some fun news earlier this summer that is now internet official. We’ll have another new niece or nephew arriving in March!  More kids to spoil on Christmas and birthdays!  Isn’t that the job of aunts and uncles?

Have a great weekend!


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