Friday Randomness 6-6-14

Happy Friday!  Sorry for the lack of posts this week!  I have a bunch ready to go for next week!


  • Last weekend Ken and I traveled to Pittsburgh for my nephew’s 8th birthday and niece’s 1st birthday!  Their birthdays are only two days apart, and my nephew did not seem to mind in the least sharing a birthday party with his sister!
  • I rented a car from Hertz for the first time ever during that trip to Pittsburgh.  I see folks on Flyertalk sing the praises of Hertz, but I always shied away from them because they were just always so much more expensive than places like Dollar or Budget.  Well, this time their price was competitive, so I rented from Hertz.  I do like the simplicity of their rewards program, so that’s a big plus!  But, I was under the impression that as long as I “checked in” online prior to my rental, I’d be able to go straight to the car.  But, I still had to stand in line.  I was a bit annoyed with that.
  • The TSA pre-check line was closed at 7:20PM when we got to Washington DCA last Friday!  What is up with that!?
  • Many folks who progress in their careers in my line of work have accounting degrees.  Me?  Zero accounting experience.  I’ve tried to pass off the whole, “My Economics degree could be related” thing, but who are we kidding, economics and accounting are two very different beasts.  I’ve been thinking about taking some accounting classes at a local community college, but my goodness, I don’t know if I can get back into the homework frame-of-mind.


Here are a few links that caught my eye this week!


  • The audio from this incident is insane.  Too crazy.  ‘Oh My Jesus!’: Gun Violence Interview Gets Up-Close Example
  • For three years, I rode my bike to the metro station as part of my daily commute during the spring, summer, and early fall months.  (I just haven’t gotten into the habit this year!)  The bike rack situation at the metro station was abysmal, so I really like this bike room idea that they’re implementing at one of the new Silver Line stations.
  • Nope, this is not a satire article. Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes because people don’t respect them, study finds
  • Also, if you’re from Pittsburgh, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Pittsburgh Dad.  I was laughing so hard at this video with Ben Roethlisberger and Pittsburgh Dad.  I also love how Pittsburgh Dad always inserts Pittsburghese words wherever he can. City Chicken!?  I haven’t heard that one in a long time!


Have a great weekend!

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